Bobcat Portrate

February 2009.  The day before, after dark, on my way out of Yellowstone I noticed a Red Fox near the road.  I then noticed a blood spot on the road.  A deer had been hit by a car.  The next morning I was back at the site at 7 am.  2 fox's were feeding on the carcass.  I got some great fox photos.  Around 10 am a coyote came in, 1 fox stayed.  At noon the coyote carried off the spine, ribcage and pelvis.   But a few remnants remained.  The fox had his fill and disappeared over the hill.  It was quiet for the next 3 hours.  I had heard a Bobcat had been in the area and was hopeful it would make an appearance.  Luck was on my side.  3 pm the Bobcat came down the ridge toward the remnants of the deer.  As he came closer I noticed It would stand on rocks or branches.  It did not like to have its feet in the snow.  The Bobcat kept coming closer to me until It was only 15 yards away.  That is when I got this shot.  I spent the next 3 hours with this Bobcat.  One of the best days in the park for me.  C Thomas Hoff.